I wonder how many people’s lives I have impacted for better or for worse.  Is it related to how much time I knew them or spent with them or interacted with them in general? Or could I have met someone once and had a large impact on their life without me knowing it….

For some reason I decided to learn french, though I can’t pronounce any words properly and I can barely understand the accent, but I’ll be able to read it which is something!

When I sit on the bus at school, either people avoid sitting next to me, they get up if I sit next to them, or they stand no where near me…I don’t think I smell usually.  I shower daily and apply deodorant…granted the extra seat next to me is never a bad thing.  More space to myself, just makes me question things.

I was attracted to this girl at first, but she kept talking about how weird she was and I couldn’t see how. I texted her ‘damn girl, you be rackin up den compliment’ because she told me what her teacher had written on her paper and her response to this was just ‘weird!’ I don’t know if that is a good reason to not be attracteds to someone anymore but if you say you are weird I expect you to be weird.